Horseback_Tim Truelan


For Event rider Harry Hunter, life is a thrilling ride of love and adventure in the dangerous world of Eventing.


He wants to end the season with a grand slam victory, but will love and life prove a bigger challenge? 

Horseback is the much-anticipated sequel to Amazon's Top Ten Equestrian Best Seller, Bareback.

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A Love Story


A chance meeting between a young American, Henry Hunter, the son of a mounted policeman and Tomasey, an English event rider, leads to a summer love that ends when she returns to England.

They write... he about learning to ride and competing in horse trials, she of England and her dream to enter the world's greatest riding event.

Finally, after many adventures, Harry arrives in England to try and conquer Badminton and to win the heart of Tomasey.

Bareback is a love story for all ages.

You can read an Extract here

The Owls of London Bridge is a heart-warming children's book. 

On a cold dark night, Hotspur, the pop singing parrot, escapes from his cage in a flat in London. He sleeps rough on the city streets, until he meets a friendly owl, named Bow, who works at the Royal Mail sorting office. Bow invites Hotspur to stay at his house, and introduces him to his friend, Miles, a breakdancing blackbird. They decide to form a band… they just need a drummer. The three set off on an adventure...

The Greatest Pie That Ever Lived is a new children's Classic Christmas story. Its message is one of togetherness and of embracing the different faiths, cultures and customs of all our friends and neighbours, so that the world can be a more peaceful and harmonious place to live in.

The Cottage - (An Amazon #1 Best Seller)  is for all those of us who love history and mystery! It tells the story of three brothers who set out to have a grand adventure, and go on to learn all about the history of their family home. Does it date back to Roman days? What about its links to King William and Queen Mary? This fun-packed book will help you to have a historical adventure too, and discover so much about the place where you live!


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